Offering Circular

Each October, LCEF provides an annual Offering Circular to every investor. The Offering Circular contains information pertaining to LCEF’s investment products, lending activity, financial statements and more. Please read the latest Offering Circular before filling out an application.

Ministry & Business Plan

The 2021-2022 Ministry and Business Plan outlines LCEF’s mission, vision and values. This document also highlights our organizational goals and strategic journey.

President's Bi-Annual Update

The bi-annual shareholder update from the President of Lutheran Church Extension Fund seeks to highlight the success and current status of the organization.

Kaleidoscope Fund

The Kaleidoscope Fund, a granting program established by Lutheran Church Extension Fund (LCEF), has awarded a total of $832,135 to 26 Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod (LCMS) elementary schools throughout the United States.


Calculators are available for loans and investments.

LCEF Viewbook

Take a look at our viewbook to learn about Lutheran Church Extension Fund and the work we do to help ensure you have the resources available to fulfill your call for God’s glory.