3% on balances up to $50,000 Church Worker StewardAccount® The Church Worker StewardAccount® is designed with your future and your mission in mind. With a 3% interest rate*, you can build your retirement, establish a three-to-six month living expense fund or set aside cash for a major purchase.

By investing with Lutheran Church Extension Fund (LCEF), you’re supporting Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod (LCMS) ministries like yours. The Church Worker StewardAccount® is for your future and your mission.

Ready to invest? For the most convenient way to get started, Call LCEF at 800-843-5233. We will set up your account as we walk you through the process.
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Why Invest with LCEF?

You are a church worker. You have a mission—a call. God steered you toward a lifetime of service and sharing the message of living hope in Christ.

Of course, that doesn’t mean you are immune from the stresses of this world. For many church workers, money challenges can distract—and even derail—you from that service.

LCEF wants to help you focus on your mission by making it easy and worthwhile to put a little money away each month. Believe it or not, this simple act can provide a certain amount of relief, so you can continue faithfully serving our Lord.

Investing with LCEF means you not only earn a competitive interest rate—but you also make funds available for LCMS ministries and other church workers. This way, your investment, which earns interest, works twice for you.

Rev. Craig Michaelson PASTOR

“Since our first campus was built, Lutheran Church Extension Fund has been our partner in growth. To be honest, without LCEF we would not have been able to do what we have done in ministry.”

You are also partnering with a financial institution that shares your Lutheran beliefs and champions your work. We are here for you.

Benefits & Features

3% | On balances up to $50,000

  • $100 minimum to open (new money only).
  • Interest compounded and paid monthly.
  • Minimum monthly electronic investment of $25 recommended.
  • Unlimited checks.
  • Visa® debit card (optional).
    • Secure access to Visa Checkout, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and other quick, secure payment solutions
  • No monthly maintenance or membership fees.
  • Free MyAccount online services, including bill pay and e-statements.

Are You Eligible?

If you work for an LCMS church, school or organization in any capacity – the answer is yes. This includes:

  • Rostered church workers.
  • Lay church workers.
  • Full or part-time.
  • Retired.

Questions? Please call 800-843-5233.

Join Lutheran Investors Just Like You

Since 1978, we have had the honor of supporting LCMS church workers and ministries like yours with low-cost loans and ministry solutions. This would not be possible without investors.

We invite you to join our community of faithful investors and connect with Lutherans who share your love for Christ and His church.

Ben SkeltonInvestor

“I am an LCEF investor. I’ve been investing for a couple years now. I believe LCEF is an important organization that helps small churches and large churches alike go through financial problem or financial strengths and use that to glorify God’s plan for them.”

St. Luke’s Lutheran Church & School, Oviedo, Fla.

Marissa Kroenke Investor

“When I was in high school, my parents enrolled me in a financial literacy course. They felt it was important that we learn how to manage money, how to budget. So they set me up with an LCEF emergency fund. Now that I’ve grown up and my husband and I have started having children, we’re glad that money can be in a place where it is benefiting the church, our schools, and missions.”

Deaconess Intern
Grace Lutheran Church & School, St. Petersburg, Fla.

Brandon Metcalf Investor

“You have to put your money somewhere, and so I figured I might as well invest in the Kingdom while I’m at it. And I actually got a much better return on investment … Absolutely a win-win scenario that I would highly recommend to anyone as they look at where to invest that which God has given to them.”

LCMS Director of Christian Education
Seminarian, Concordia Seminary, St. Louis, Mo.

Anna VanVleet Investor

“The interest rates are competitive, and we like being able to support an organization that we know is supporting other church workers. ”

Commissioned Teacher / First Trinity Lutheran School
Minneapolis, Minn.

Reverend Roger Carlisle Investor

“[The investment] does double duty. The church is able to borrow at a low rate, and LCEF is able to give a small church what it needs to succeed and move ahead.”

First vice-president of the LCMS Iowa District West
Senior Pastor, Peace Lutheran Church
Wall Lake, Iowa

Richard Tatara Investor

“My wife and I were starting to save money for our children’s college education, and we decided to put some of that college education money in LCEF. It’s a great place to help the church and a great place to have money. We continued to put money into those college funds into LCEF through the years, and it actually paid off greatly for us because when the economic downturn hit in 2008, our investments in LCEF were absolutely rock solid.”

Voters Assembly Chairman | Bethany Lutheran Church
Naperville, Ill.

Joseph Hope-Hull Investor

“I am a brand new LCEF investor. I look forward to managing my own finances, managing the gifts God has given me in that way to better prepare for my future. As well as having the peace of mind and the comfort that these gifts are being able to help others, other congregations, other schools, just like my own.”

Director of Christian Education | St. Paul’s Lutheran Church
Glen Burnie, Md.

Rosie Adle Investor

“We heard about the 40-month anniversary investment opportunity a few years ago and were impressed with the interest rate that certainly beat what our local bank had to offer. It is great when Lutherans support other Lutherans, which is what LCEF is doing and what we are doing by participating as investors.”

LCMS Deaconess | Good Shepherd Lutheran Church
Collinsville, Ill.

Eight Reasons This Is an Ideal Investment

The Church Worker StewardAccount is a perfect opportunity to invest with LCEF if you want to:

  • Beef up your retirement.
  • Start a habit of investing.
  • Set aside money to explore new opportunities or passions.
  • Prepare for big life events like a wedding.
  • Budget for the unexpected.
  • Establish a three-to-six month living expense fund.
  • Set aside cash for major purchases (car, travel).

But the most important reason is this: Your investment with LCEF allows us to provide funds and solutions to help start, support and sustain LCMS church workers and ministries—today, tomorrow and far into the future.