Our Development consultant works with your staff to build a custom and comprehensive development strategy. Based on development best practices, the consultant will assist staff in creating a robust, calendarized annual development plan. This provides strategic direction that allows for tracking activity weekly, monthly, quarterly and annually.

The year-long process involved in building this development strategy includes weekly meetings by phone with the Development Director to review goals accomplished and discuss goals for the week ahead. Once each quarter, the consultant makes a personal visit. These visits include meetings with the Executive Director and Development Director individually and together. They also include evaluating prior quarter performance, discussing and establishing next quarter goals, and looking beyond to anything that requires more lead time.


LCEF’s MAP assists your ministry in the creation of an effective development (advancement) department and process.

In cooperation with the Executive Director and Board of Directors, a job description for the role of development (advancement) director will be created and a search to fill the role will be undertaken. Consultative assistance throughout the hiring process will be provided by LCEF. Once the hiring of a development (advancement) director has been accomplished, LCEF will provide mentoring/coaching for the development (advancement) director and staff.

Concurrent with the hiring process, our consultant will begin designing your development (advancement) tools and plan, beginning with understanding where your organization currently is. This will include analyzing your current donor database, development calendar and processes in order to develop a strategic development plan for your ministry.


  • Guidance and assistance in identifying, vetting and hiring a development (advancement) director.
  • Creation of a comprehensive development calendar with target measures.
  • Analysis of current database, with strategic guidelines for effective engagement.
  • Direction for effective leveraging of relationships.
  • Training for the development (advancement) director for the length of the agreement, and beyond if desired by your ministry.
  • Evaluation of the effectiveness of the development approach after one year, with recommendations.

Specific Services

  • An informational workshop for all staff and board members explaining development and the role it plays in sustaining the organization.
  • Weekly remote touch base (phone or video conference) between the development (advancement) director and an LCEF development mentor.
  • Unlimited email availability for advice and encouragement of development (advancement) director.
  • Quarterly on-site review with development (advancement) director and principal for one full year, evaluating progress and performance.

The agreement between LCEF and your ministry will begin immediately upon receipt of a signed agreement and initial payment and will cover the hiring period (as much as four months) followed by the 12-month coaching period.