Our online services provide our customers with convenient, secure access to their account information whenever they need it. Questions? Call 800-843-5233 or contact LCEF.
Some MyAccount users, who reside out of the country, may experience limited access to their account information. Please contact LCEF for special assistance.


Access your investments and loans through a simple, secure site. View balances, make payments, transfer funds and more. Organizations can use the Organization Application (PDF) to enroll.
Personal users may Enroll Now.

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Simply Statements

Simply Statements provides you fast, easy access to your personal LCEF investment and loan* statements. To enroll, call 800-843-5233. *Residential mortgage loans serviced by LoanCare are not included in this service.

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Immeasurably More

Access information for your congregation’s journey into stewardship, including templates, process suggestions and more! To enroll or if you are having difficulties logging in, email ministry support or call us at 314-885-6444.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is MyAccount?

    MyAccount is a secure online service allowing investors and borrowers quick access to their LCEF investment and loan information. Besides viewing balances, account history and accessing eStatements, users may:

    • Make internal and external transfers
    • Reorder checks
    • View check images
    • Make one-time and recurring payments through the Bill Payment option. (Personal users only; must have a StewardAccount)
    • Inform us of address changes (personal users only)
    • Contact us via secure email

    IRA and HSA investments limited to inquiry only access in MyAccount.

  • What is Simply Statements?

    Simply Statements allows personal users to view their LCEF investment and loan statements securely online for up to six months at no cost. Statements arrive much sooner than mailed statements. A copy of an older statement can be requested by contacting us at 800-843-5233.

    Residential mortgage loans serviced by LoanCare are not included in this service.

  • What’s the difference between Simply Statements and MyAccount?

    Simply Statements is limited to your statement and StewardAccount® check images. MyAccount provides the ability to review your account balances and activity, make internal and external bank transfers, allows for online bill pay (StewardAccount required), and access to electronic statements (e-statements).

  • Can I change my Simply Statements password?

    You must change your password the first time you log in to Simply Statements. To change or reset a password, contact us at 800-843-5233.

    Passwords must be 10 characters and include at least one letter and one number.

  • Why won’t my user name and password work?

    Simply Statements and MyAccount are different programs. Verify that you have chosen the correct option.

  • I’m having trouble logging on to MyAccount. Why?

    Personal users: Have you enrolled in MyAccount? If not, scroll up and click Enroll under the MyAccount option.

    Organization/Business Users: Have you completed a MyAccount application and received a MyAccount user name and password? If not, complete the Organization Application (PDF) to apply for access.

    Your password is case-sensitive, so check your Caps Lock key. Occasionally, the MyAccount system is being updated and will be unavailable; however, these periods are brief. Try to log in again in a little while.

  • Why aren’t all of my accounts listed?

    Personal users: Every effort is made to add new accounts. However, if you are missing an account, contact us at 800-843-5233 and we will update your access.

    Business/Organization users: We require a MyAccount application (PDF) to be completed for each account that is added to MyAccount. The application must be signed by an elected officer or partner of your business or organization, approving the account’s placement on MyAccount. New loan accounts will be added automatically for each existing user of your organization.

  • Who is eligible to use Bill Payment?

    Personal users: MyAccount and an eligible StewardAccount® are required to use the Bill Payment feature. The Bill Payment feature may not be used with:

    • Family Emergency StewardAccounts
    • Health Savings Accounts (HSAs)
    • Minor/Custodian StewardAccounts
    • StewardAccounts with a multiple-signer restriction
  • How do I enroll in Bill Payment?

    Personal users: Click the “Bill Payment” menu option in MyAccount. Follow the prompts to complete your enrollment.

  • Is there a limit to how many payments can be made through Bill Payment?

    There is no limit to the number of payments made from investment accounts using the Bill Payment feature. However, transactional and daily limits may apply.

  • What if I need assistance with Bill Payment?

    Within Bill Payment there are “How Do I …” and “FAQs” links at the bottom of each screen. If you need assistance with a paid bill or have additional questions, select “Messages” in the Bill Payment side menu to send a secure email or obtain the phone number for customer support.

  • Who qualifies as an officer for the purpose of completing LCEF documents?

    Documents requiring an officer’s authorization may be completed by any officer who was duly elected by the organization or business they represent. If requested they can provide proof of their election through meeting minutes or other legally binding paperwork.