MINISTRY SOLUTIONS Stewardship We are committed to moving your congregation forward according to God’s will.

Your ministries don’t just happen, however; it takes people, your members, to do the work God has called you to do.

Our stewardship processes are designed to reconnect your members to your congregation’s ministries while encouraging them to live as faithful stewards of the Lord’s gifts every day. Our hope is that by regularly engaging in Stewardship processes, your members are ever more involved and devoted to the collective ministries of your congregation.

  4 Months


StewardPath prepares and propels your congregation toward faithful steward living. It has two main goals. First, that your members understand that God has entrusted them with everything they have — time, passions, talents, resources, etc. — to use for His purposes. Second, that your members understand that God has gathered them together as a congregation to be faithful stewards of your collective ministries.

The process comes at these two goals in multiple ways, including multigenerational Bible studies, an interactive seminar and a custom month-long initiative that presents the ministries of your congregation in clear, compelling ways. The entire process culminates after three months with a celebration of what God is doing through you all.

Your congregation members are joyfully living as faithful stewards and have dedicated themselves to your ministries.

The Process

StewardPath Leadership Team

This team is formed to work with the StewardPath consultant to bring the congregation through the process. Various positions make up the team, each with clear job descriptions, tasks and examples.

Basecamp Project Management

Instead of binders, StewardPath “lives” inside of our easy-to-use project management software. Each person on the leadership team will have access and be able to use the powerful platform to stay on top of their tasks as well as access all the materials at any time on their phones, tablets or computers.

StewardPath Studies

The first 9 weeks of our process feature studies that are easily lay-led and customized for every age group. Our consultant works with your leadership team to discover ways to engage every member.

StewardPath Seminar

This interactive 2-to-3-hour event comes at the same concepts of the studies in other ways. Led by the consultant, this fun event is designed for your entire congregation’s participation.

Custom Phase

The third month of the process is designed with the pastor and ministry leaders to present the ministries of the congregation to its members. This may include designing sermon series, Bible studies, devotions and informational events.

Culminating Event

The final Sunday of the process ends with a celebration of what the Lord is doing through the congregation. Congregations may choose to make this a recommitment to membership event or have it coincide with their annual financial pledge process.

Consecrated Stewards

This multi-week process guides your congregation through a stewardship journey. It features studies, sermons and promotional materials designed to make implementation of the program as easy as possible for your leaders.

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Stewardship Bible Studies

Over the years, LCEF has gathered various steward-focused Bible studies from around the Synod. These vary in focus, length and accessibility. Our LCEF team can discuss your needs and help find the best options for your congregation.