MINISTRY SOLUTIONS Recognized Service Organizations (RSOs) Lutheran Church Extension Fund (LCEF) partners with congregations, Recognized Service Organizations of the LCMS and LCMS districts to propel the Kingdom forward. We work primarily through our LCEF District Vice Presidents (DVPs), in partnership with district staff, to serve the church and extend ministries according to God’s will. WATCH DISCOVERY PROCESS GET STARTED

Our agency processes can be divided into three categories:

Our agency processes reflect our commitment to defining the possibilities God lays before your ministries, designing solutions that work for you, and aligning the resources that God provides. While each of our processes are based on years of experience in The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod (LCMS), all are flexible and built for customization to meet your individual ministry needs. We do not offer a cookie-cutter approach; instead we truly live out our commitment to be your ministry partner.


All LCMS ministry organizations are unique and require custom solutions to achieve their goals. We at LCEF designed the Discovery process to define possibilities and design solutions that will move your ministry forward according to God’s plan. We believe, to be your ministry partner, we can’t simply apply cookie-cutter solutions, so this first step of Discovery is critical.

You understand what LCEF offers as your ministry partner.

Ministry Discovery

Our Ministry Clarity consultant works with your Executive Director and staff through tours and listening sessions to better understand your vision/purpose/mission, your ministry structure and the way in which the ministry is executed.

Your leaders see the larger ministry picture, any gaps in that picture, and what steps need to be taken to expand and enhance the ministries.

Organization Discovery

An LCEF partner consultant works with your Executive Director and staff to analyze your ministry’s governance, administration and execution of ministries.

Your leaders have a report on governance strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (a S.W.O.T. analysis) with detailed recommendations for any changes (if warranted).

Development Audit

Our Development consultant works with your staff to evaluate your development processes and practices. This includes an assessment of your donor database, tracking software, development calendar, lead measures and lag measures. Gaps and insufficiencies, if any, will be identified.

Your leaders see what improvements can be made and prepare to begin developing a new strategy to connect partners to your ministries.

Board Report

Our consultant team presents a comprehensive discovery report to your Board of Directors. This report contains all findings, prescriptions and a proposal for a continued partnership with LCEF.

Your board understands the opportunities God has placed before your ministry and is confident in the path forward with LCEF as a ministry partner.