Traditionally called capital campaigns, we have been guiding congregations through these processes for over 30 years. We’ve learned a lot over the decades and have come to operate under some clear critical theories:

  • Campaigns are about ministry, not money. We aren’t saying financial commitments aren’t necessary, rather we help frame the financials within the big picture: God is calling your congregation into the future and your members to commit to that future. Financial resources are part of that larger commitment.
  • Every congregation is unique. Our process flow is time-tested but made flexible to fit your congregation. Our resource archive is vast and guaranteed to spark creativity in your teams.
  • We need to hear from Christ. Our process is designed so that at critical moments, each member hears the voice of Christ calling them to commit to the future He is laying before them. This is a critical difference between just a fundraiser and an Immeasurably More
  • We need to hear from one another. Campaigns are guided by our LCEF team and executed by your members. At various times, members are invited to speak out and encourage one another to take this step forward in commitment to the future God is placing before you.
  • We design the fulfillment phase. The three years of commitment fulfillment require multiple ministry celebration events, reminder mini-campaigns and stewardship emphasis moments.
  • Binders are bust. Our campaigns are hosted in Basecamp project management software, which gives your team instant access to all campaign materials, tasks and LCEF team members. It also allows us to continually customize each campaign instantly, which means no more tearing out binder pages and scribbling notes over outdated ideas!

The Process

Imagine 8+ weeks Design and prep campaign

This initial phase of the campaign is for planning and prep. It involves gathering and training the campaign leadership team, establishing a clear and concise case, developing FAQs, mapping out the entire campaign and creating materials and media that will be used. During this phase, your consultant and other LCEF Ministry Support Team members will engage with your campaign leadership team and support the decisions made.


Inform 4+ weeks Campaign public launch and information phase

During these weeks we aim to address and answer every question that may arise in relation to the campaign and its goal. Ordinarily this is done through informational documents, videos, mailings, and forums. The LCEF team works with you to find the most effective ways to communicate with your congregation and quickly answer any questions. By the end of the Inform Phase, your congregation should fully understand the campaign’s case and agree with the ministry expansion.

Inspire 5+ weeks Focus on Christ’s call and commitment weekend

The heart of the campaign is the Inspire Phase where we lift up the ministry expansion into the larger vision of Christ’s work among us. Often this includes custom sermon and worship series, Bible studies, devotions, prayer services and every member visits. The peak of the Inspire Phase is the Commitment Celebration Sunday (or weekend) where the congregation is invited to declare with one voice, “We are all in!” Personal and financial commitments are made, and your people are invited to celebrate the future God has laid before them.

Impact 3 years Giving begins, various events, final celebration

Three years of fulfillment begin with “First Gifts” where members begin their regular giving. Throughout these years we design periodic events and sermon series to re-ignite the excitement of the campaign and remind one another what God is doing in our midst.