INVESTMENTS Joyful Response® LCEF offers e-tithing and e-tuition payments through the Joyful Response program, a free stewardship service for LCMS congregations, schools and recognized service organizations (RSOs).

Free of charge through LCEF, Joyful Response allows your members to give one-time gifts or recurring tithe on your church website, by a mobile phone app, or for a small fee, text giving can be set up (charged to the congregation).

Benefits & Features for Congregations

The Joyful Response Electronic Offering Program allows congregation members to:

  • Give offerings consistently.
  • Fulfill their stewardship commitments
  • Share their financial blessings efficiently and predictably

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Benefits & Features for Schools

The Joyful Response Electronic Tuition Payment Program allows families to:

  • Make tuition payments reliably and conveniently
  • Fulfill their tuition payment commitments with ease
  • Save the time and cost of writing checks

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Benefits & Features for Other LCMS Ministries

The Joyful Response Electronic Donation Program allows your supporters to:

  • Share their generosity with ease and convenience
  • Dependably complete their contribution pledges in a timely manner
  • Help you concentrate more on ministry and less on budget issues

For LWML Treasurers, the Electronic Mites Program can give your participants a convenient way to fulfill their mite donation commitments.

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