Federal and State License Information and Disclosures

LCEF is properly licensed or exempt from such requirements in the states where loans are purchased or offered to LCMS rostered church workers. CA: (DFPI) Loans made or arranged pursuant to California Financing Law License (6037619); CO: Mortgage Company Registration (3444); FL: Mortgage Lender License (MLD625); GA: Mortgage Lender License/Registration (61615); ID: Regulated Lender License (RRL-651); IL: Illinois Residential Mortgage Licensee (MB.0006057) & Consumer Installment Loan License (CI.0002711-H); IN: (DFI) Mortgage Lending License (11015) IA: Mortgage Banker Registrant (2000-0057) & Consumer Credit Notification/Registration (200009695); KS: Mortgage Company License (MC.0025037) & Credit Notification/Registration (NOT.0026260); KY: Mortgage Loan Company License (MC418770); MD Consumer Loan License (3444); MI: First Mortgage Broker/Lender/Servicer License (FL2194) & Second Mortgage Broker/Lender/Servicer Registrant (SR0016005) & Regulatory Loan License (RL-3037) (Effective Date of License: October 5, 2000, Regulatory Agency: State of Michigan Department of Insurance and Financial Services, Consumer Finance Section, 530 W. Allegan Street, 7th Floor, Lansing Michigan, 48933, www.michigan.gov/difs, TOLL FREE 877-999-6442); MN: Residential Mortgage Originator License (MN-MO-20211170); MS: Mortgage Lender License (3444); MO: Mortgage Company License (3444) & Consumer Credit (Small) Loan Certificate of Registration (367-24-8245); MT: Consumer Loan License (3444); ND: Money Broker License (MB100280); OH: Residential Mortgage Lending Act Certificate of Registration (RM.501020.000) & General Loan Law Certificate of Registration (GL.501020.000); OR: Consumer Finance License (0205-001-C); SD: Non-Profit Money Lender License (NMYL.2314); TX: SML Auxiliary Mortgage Loan Activity Company License (3444) Texas Complaint/Recovery Fund Notice – Figure: 7 TAC§80.200(b) “CONSUMERS WISHING TO FILE A COMPLAINT AGAINST A COMPANY OR A RESIDENTIAL MORTGAGE LOAN ORIGINATOR SHOULD COMPLETE AND SEND A COMPLAINT FORM TO THE TEXAS DEPARTMENT OF SAVINGS AND MORTGAGE LENDING, 2601 NORTH LAMAR, SUITE 201, AUSTIN, TEXAS 78705. COMPLAINT FORMS AND INSTRUCTIONS MAY BE OBTAINED FROM THE DEPARTMENT’S WEBSITE AT WWW.SML.TEXAS.GOV. A TOLL-FREE CONSUMER HOTLINE IS AVAILABLE AT 1-877-276-5550.  THE DEPARTMENT MAINTAINS A RECOVERY FUND TO MAKE PAYMENTS OF CERTAIN ACTUAL OUT OF POCKET DAMAGES SUSTAINED BY BORROWERS CAUSED BY ACTS OF LICENSED RESIDENTIAL MORTGAGE LOAN ORIGINATORS. A WRITTEN APPLICATION FOR REIMBURSEMENT FROM THE RECOVERY FUND MUST BE FILED WITH AND INVESTIGATED BY THE DEPARTMENT PRIOR TO THE PAYMENT OF A CLAIM. FOR MORE INFORMATION ABOUT THE RECOVERY FUND, PLEASE CONSULT THE DEPARTMENT’S WEBSITE AT WWW.SML.TEXAS.GOV.”; UT: Consumer Credit Notification; WA: Consumer Loan Company License (CL-3444); WI: Mortgage Banker License (374BA) and Consumer License; WY: Consumer Lender License (CL-1538).

NMLS Identifying Number:
Lutheran Church Extension Fund-Missouri Synod (NMLS#: 3444)
10733 Sunset Office Drive, Suite 300
St. Louis, MO 63127-1020
(800) 843-5233

LCEF Loan Originators::
Pamela Macinski (NMLS#: 16679)
Michelle Porter (NMLS#: 1675886)
Tricia Galczynski (NMLS#: 1896183)
Tara Appleton (NMLS#: 738203)
Marissa Strayhorn (NMLS#: 2560503)