Types of Organization/RSO Loans

LCEF offers a number of Organization/RSO Loans to help your organization reach its financial goals. LCEF also offers a variety of loans for churches within the LCMS as well as loans for LCMS school associations.

Secured (new and refinanced)

Secured Loans can be used for equipment and organ purchases, property purchases, repairs, replacement of HVAC systems and other capital improvements. They can also be used to refinance existing loans.


Your LCEF Construction Loan can help cover the costs of constructing new buildings or renovating existing ones. LCEF’s Construction Loans have just one closing, saving your organization time and money.

Construction Bridge

Construction Bridge Loans provide short term financing to fill the gap between construction completion and collection of building fund dollars. LCEF’s Bridge Loans have just one closing, saving your association time and money.

Line of Credit

This type of loan helps with anticipated cash flow fluctuations in your organization’s operating budget.

Soft Cost

Soft Cost Loans provide working capital for pre-construction related costs such as architecture/design fees, engineering fees, market studies, capital campaign expenses and special assessments.

SMART Loans for Schools

If your organization exists to operate schools, the SMART Loan provides customized financing to help with the short-term needs of LCMS elementary, middle and high school associations and related RSOs.

Organization/RSO Loan Rates

Please contact us for information regarding Organization/RSO Loan rates.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does LCEF help organizations?

    LCEF provides loans to new and existing organizations to buy land, build and remodel facilities. Loans are offered at very reasonable rates, often lower than commercial loan rates offered by banks. LCEF also offers planning and development services through ministry support such as demographic analysis, architectural advice, Strategic Ministry Planning, Capital Funding Services and Laborers For Christ.

  • Does LCEF provide both construction and permanent financing?

    Yes—with only one closing! At closing, the borrower signs a Promissory Note, which addresses the construction phase and the permanent terms of the loan.

  • How long does it take to receive a loan?

    It depends on many factors. Some projects require more planning than others. Sometimes, architecture or real estate professionals must be consulted. Local regulations and ordinances may have to be met. However, we can assure you that with the help of your District Vice President and the LCEF Loan Specialists, your loan will be processed as quickly as possible.

  • What is escrow disbursing?

    Escrow disbursing is a service provided by LCEF to the borrower to assist in a construction project. An LCEF Loan Specialist collects documentation to establish an account for the purpose of tracking and disbursing the construction loan dollars and the building fund dollars throughout the building project. In accordance with state statutes, the Loan Specialist collects the necessary documentation from the various contractors in order to assure a lien-free and complete project.

  • How can loan payments be made?

    Loan payments can be made one of three ways:

    1. Mail a check. (Include the loan number) to PO Box 870991, Kansas City, MO 64187-0991
    2. Use the MyAccount service to transfer funds from an allowable investment such as a StewardAccount®.
    3. Transfer funds from another financial institution. For this option, please read the Electronic Funds Transfer Agreement and Disclosure and fill out the Automatic Loan Payment Authorization form.