LOANS Organization/RSO Loans A Recognized Service Organization (RSO) is a formally recognized, separately incorporated service organization that extends the mission and ministry of the Synod but is not part of the Synod’s constitutional structure.

Financing a loan to purchase, construct or renovate property is a major undertaking for a RSO, and we understand your organization’s desire to share the Gospel while being fiscally responsible. LCEF will guide you through the entire borrowing process with care and professionalism.

Lutheran Metropolitan Ministry

Since LMM had what Genszler calls a “long-standing relationship with Lutheran Church Extension Fund (LCEF) spanning decades,” the organization worked closely with LCEF to help provide the funds needed to expand space available for services.”

Types of Organization/RSO Loans

LCEF offers a number of Organization/RSO Loans to help your organization reach its financial goals. LCEF also offers a variety of loans for churches within the LCMS as well as loans for LCMS school associations.

Secured Loans may be used for furnishings or equipment repairs and replacement, property purchases and other capital improvements. They may also be used to refinance existing loans.

Your LCEF Construction Loan can help cover the costs of constructing new buildings or renovating existing ones. LCEF’s Construction Loans have just one closing, saving your organization time and money.

Construction Bridge Loans provide short-term financing to fill the gap between construction completion and collection of building fund dollars. LCEF’s Bridge Loans have just one closing, saving your organization time and money.

This type of loan helps with seasonal cash flow fluctuations in your organization’s operating budget.

These loans provide working capital for pre-construction related costs such as architecture/design fees, engineering fees, market studies, capital campaign expenses and special assessments.

Organization/RSO Loan Rates

Please contact us for information regarding Organization/RSO Loan rates.

Dan Brown

Vice President

National Lending

Blake Brown

Blake Brown

Assistant Vice President

National Lending

Your Guide to the

Construction Lending Process

This Q&A booklet provides ministry leaders with the steps and critical information needed to understand LCEF’s loan process and requirements.

Construction Process Timeline

Download our helpful PDF guide to the view milestones and estimated lead times before your construction start date.