Y.I. Stamps can help children save for or add to their Young Investors (Y.I.) StewardAccount®. Stamps are collected on a Y.I. Stamp Collection Sheet when dollars are saved. Once a sheet is filled with 25 stamps, it is mailed with a check to LCEF and a new Y.I. StewardAccount or an existing account is credited.

The Y.I. Stamp Program is made available to families through Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod (LCMS) congregations or schools with the help of a Y.I. Stamp Coordinator. Stamp kits may be requested online at lcef.org/stamps.

Y.I. Club membership offers young people opportunities to learn about personal finance, lessons in sharing our “first fruits” (Proverbs 3:9) and how God has blessed them with unique talents.

Over the years, thousands of children have participated in the Stamp Program and invested with LCEF. They learn that they can have a direct impact on growing God’s kingdom while saving for their own future. As you begin your Y.I. Stamp Program, young investors will begin to learn how easy and fun it is to share, save and spend as they learn to use God’s blessings wisely.

Y.I. Stamps & Y.I. Stamp Collection Sheet

  • When helping a child begin a new Y.I. Stamp Collection Sheet, ask the child to write his/her name on the outside cover.
  • Each stamp can now be purchased by young investors or family members. After purchase, a stamp is placed on the child’s Stamp Collection Sheet.
  • When the first collection sheet is filled, a parent or another adult completes the application for a Y.I. StewardAccount and sends the application as well as the check they receive from the program to LCEF to open the Y.I. StewardAccount.
  • Stamps may continue to be collected after completing a collection sheet. Children may continue to collect stamps on a new stamp collection sheet. Mail the completed sheet with a check received from your program to LCEF to make additional investments.