2023 Scholarship Winners

1st place

Samuel Simmons
Orlando, Florida

2nd place

Grace Ann Roth
Elgin, TX

3rd place

Amelia Gillard
Cambridge, Minnesota

What Is the Take Heart Scholarship?

The Take Heart Scholarship was developed for you, our Y.I. Club World Changers, who are high school seniors and will soon advance to your next level of higher education. During these times of excitement, anxiousness and uncertainty, “take heart!” As Christians, we cannot anticipate that life will be perfect or familiar, but when we feel that the world has become difficult, take comfort in knowing that our God has overcome it all!

Terms and Conditions

The recipients of this scholarship award will be notified by Lutheran Church Extension Fund (LCEF). Funds are awarded to be used to defray expenses for tuition, room and board, books, laboratory expenses and/or related educated expenditures.

The award amount will be deposited into the student’s LCEF investment. Any amount awarded will be taxable as ordinary income to the recipient to the extent it is not used for “qualified tuition and related expenses” under Section 117 of the Internal Revenue Code. Some expenses, such as room and board, will not qualify. The recipient should consult with his or her tax advisor regarding what expenses are “qualified tuition and related expenses” and to determine whether any part of the award will be taxable.

Children of Lutheran Church Extension Fund employees are not eligible.

If the recipient misrepresents any information, LCEF reserves the right to revoke the scholarship.