You know the value of having your money work for you. But imagine investing in such a way that benefits Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod (LCMS) ministries and her workers.

That’s what the 18-month fixed-rate term note at 5% is all about.

This Lutheran Church Extension Fund (LCEF) investment for LCMS individuals, congregations and organizations provides an excellent return for those seeking short-term growth.

Opening an account online is fast and easy.

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We share your love for the church

For over 45 years, we’ve been the financial arm of the LCMS.

What does this mean? It’s simple. When you invest with LCEF, you join tens of thousands of investors who make funds available for loans to our churches, schools, organizations and workers.

Think about it this way: the 18-month fixed-rate term note at 5% is perfect for anyone who loves the LCMS and wants to see it thrive.

Open an account online or call our office at 800-843-5233 to start today.

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Richard Tatara Investor

“My wife and I were starting to save money for our children’s college education, and we decided to put some of that college education money in LCEF. It’s a great place to help the church and a great place to have money. We continued to put money into those college funds at LCEF through the years, and it actually paid off greatly for us because when the economic downturn hit in 2008, our investments in LCEF were absolutely rock solid.”

Voters Assembly Chairman | Bethany Lutheran Church
Naperville, Ill.

Ben SkeltonInvestor

“I am an LCEF investor. I’ve been investing for years now. I believe LCEF is an important organization that helps small churches and large churches alike go through financial problems or financial strengths and use that to glorify God’s plan for them.”

Teacher | St. Luke’s Lutheran Church & School
Oviedo, Fla.

Marissa Kroenke Investor

“When I was in high school, my parents enrolled me in a financial literacy course. They felt it was important that we learn how to manage money, how to budget. So they set me up with an LCEF emergency fund. Now that I’ve grown up and my husband and I have started having children, we’re glad that money can be in a place where it is benefiting the church, our schools, and missions.”

Deaconess | Grace Lutheran Church & School
St. Petersburg, Fla.