See the impact LCEF’s Kaleidoscope Fund grants are having on local communities in Largo, Fla., Sturgeon Bay, Wisc., East St. Louis, Mo., and Phoenix, Ariz.

Kaleidoscope Fund 2018 Grant Recipients

The Kaleidoscope Fund, a granting program established in 2016 by Lutheran Church Extension Fund (LCEF), helps ministries shine brightly and share the Gospel.

In the last two years, the fund has granted over $1.2 million to 22 different Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod ministries that are related to the expansion, enrichment and energizing of Christ’s Church.

On Wednesday, October 3, the Kaleidoscope Fund awarded a total of $780,500 to eight Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod (LCMS) ministries throughout the United States.

The ministries receiving a grant, along with a brief description of their proposal, are as follows:

  • Atlantic District LCMS: Create new ministries that engage the unchurched in the Atlantic District with the Gospel.
  • Christ the King Lutheran Church, Memphis, Tenn.: Start a ministry that uses the church to give shelter, feed and share the Gospel with the homeless.
  • Faith Lutheran Church, Rochester, N.Y.: Expand a ministry for chaplains to assist first responders.
  • First Lutheran Church, Missoula, Mont.: Complete garden and livestock area to raise food for an orphanage in Mexico.
  • Hope Lutheran Church, Rochester, N.Y.: Expand established food pantry into community care center to meet the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of working poor in Greece, N.Y.
  • Lutheran Church of St. John, Quincy, Ill.: Start a mobile food pantry for small rural communities within 75 miles of Quincy.
  • South Wisconsin District LCMS: Renovate the chapel space for prison ministry at the Milwaukee County House of Corrections.
  • St. Andrew Lutheran Church, Cape Girardeau, Mo.: Expand a coffeehouse ministry that nurtures the local community and college students.

These grants help strengthen congregations, Lutheran schools, church workers and the communities they impact.

Join us as we congratulate the 2018 recipients and prayerfully support their endeavors to proclaim the Good News of salvation in Christ, our Lord.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • How and why is LCEF offering grants?

    Lutheran Church Extension Fund (LCEF) serves the members, congregations, schools, and rostered church workers of The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod (LCMS) church body. When LCEF is blessed with good financial performance, a small portion of its funds may be used for a variety of ministry purposes…such as grants. These grants were launched in 2016 as The Kaleidoscope Fund, which emphasizes a variety of entities and ministry purposes.

  • Who are eligible grant recipients?

    The entities of the LCMS that are eligible to receive The Kaleidoscope Fund grants are:

    1. LCMS congregations (including their early childhood education, K-12 schools and childcare centers)
    2. LCEF member districts
    3. Offices of the Synod
  • What are eligible grant purposes?

    Being mindful of a portion of the LCEF Mission Statement that states, “to support the Church in fulfilling its mission of sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ,” eligible (and not eligible) grant purposes are as follows:

    1. What is Eligible…
      1. Ministry Outreach and Expansion
      2. Education (pre-K and K-12 Lutheran Schools)
      3. Church Worker Wellness
    2. What is Not Eligible…
      1. Ongoing operating costs (including salaries)
      2. Operating deficits
      3. Debt payments
      4. Capital improvement projects*

    Large, macro grants could have partial salaries considered if those salaries are for a limited period and include a plan for ongoing sustainability beyond the life of the grant.

    * Capital improvement projects are also not eligible for Kaleidoscope grants. However, certain incidental expenses of a capital nature may be considered if they are merely ancillary to one of the three stated purposes of ministry outreach and expansion, education and church worker wellness. For example, construction of a new classroom would not be eligible since it is primarily a capital improvement project rather than being merely incidental to education.

    To sum this up: Consistent with LCEF’s mission, The Kaleidoscope Fund seeks to fund ministry ideas that are related to the expansion, enrichment, and energizing of Christ’s Church versus mere maintenance (of an existing program, etc.).

  • What will be The Kaleidoscope Fund grant amounts?

    Funds will be granted in amounts between $25,000 to $250,000.

    Micro grants are those between $25,000 and $100,000.Macro grants are those between $100,000 and $250,000.
    Micro grants are ideal for ministries who are ready to step out into their community and create a space and place to reach those people who would normally never step foot in a church.Macro grants are ideal for ministries that want to see transformational change in the work they are doing and allow LCEF to come alongside the organization with additional professional and technical resources in support of their work.
  • How will the granting process take place?

    Once all grant proposal summaries are received by June 15, 2018, The Kaleidoscope Fund granting committee will review them. When this is completed, an executive committee will then select ministries from these proposals to apply for a grant. Invited ministries will then submit a detailed application by a set deadline. Once this is completed, and one or more grant recipients are determined, announcement of the grants will be communicated approximately November 6, 2018.

  • How will grant funds be distributed?

    Grant awards may be paid in one lump sum, or over a period of two years, depending on the nature of the application. Funds will be paid directly to the grant recipient(s).

  • Will there be follow-up communication with grant recipients?

    Each recipient of The Kaleidoscope Fund grant will provide a written summary and photos of the grant outcome(s) in a designated and agreed upon timeframe with LCEF. These summaries and photos may be used in LCEF social media and for other promotional purposes. Additional promotional stories may be sought by the LCEF Marketing Department.