Synod 175 Art Contest Winners

Congratulations to the winners of LCEF’s 2022 Synod 175 Art Contest. We were amazed by the sheer number and quality of all of your submissions. The following are our winners from each category:

K-5th grade 2D & 3D

1st Place

  • Charlotte Westphal
     Hales Corners, Wisconsin

  • Annie Linville
    Arlington, Virginia

  • Gracie Brackman
    Concordia, Missouri

  • Eli Boehmer
    Concordia, Missouri

2nd Place

  • Carlos Robles
    Rancho Palos Verdes, California

  • Vanessa Westphal
    Hales Corners, Wisconsin

  • Declan Nelson
    Wichita, Kansas

  • Genevieve Hartlage
    Fairfax Station, Virginia

  • Sophia Williams
    Houston, Texas

  • Lorelei Doberstein
    Winona, Minnesota

  • Alayna Schnare
    Hamel, Illinois

  • Maggie Laios
    Lanesville, Indiana

  • Lauren McClafferty
    Westlake, Ohio

  • Chase Erickson
    Cumberland, Wisconsin

3rd Place

  • Ava Anderson
    Knoxville, Tennessee

  • Livi Haglof
    Arlington, Virginia

  • Lydia Weedon
    Hamel, Illinois

  • Isaiah Schnare
    Hamel, Illinois

  • Lucia Schnare
    Hamel, Illinois

  • Judah Schnare
    Hamel, Illinois

  • Irene Ball
    Hamel, Illinois

  • Pearl Curtis
    Hamel, Illinois

  • Ellie Cervi
    Hamel, Illinois

  • Eve Curtis
    Hamel, Illinois

  • Roslyn Bingham
    Kent, Washington

6th-12th grade 2D & 3D

1st Place

  • Serena Baumgarn
    Winona, Minnesota

  • Naomi Casas-Hoerter
    Jackson, Wisconsin

  • Katelynn Hanson
    Freistatt, Missouri
  • Sienna Karris
    – Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Nina Nygren
    – Plymouth, Minnesota
  • Jocelyn Reif
    – Wylie, Texas

2nd Place

  • Paxton Benz
    – Wausau, Wisconsin
  • Layla Cantrell
    – Houston, Texas
  • Ashley Engelby
    – Northrop, Minnesota
  • Carter Sailor
    – Northrop, Minnesota
  • Ellie Vravick
    – Jackson, Wisconsin

3rd Place

  • Ava Bunch
    – Lakeland, Florida
  • Noah Casper
    – Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Lorraine Hester
    – Kaiserslautern, Germany
  • Aubry Sams
    – Lanesville, Indiana
  • Jamie Schaefer
    – Aurora, Illinois
  • Emma Schwefel
    – Oconomowoc, Wisconsin
  • Ana Speth
    – Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Chloe Torres
    – Pittsburg, Pennsylvania
  • Anna Walencik
    – Montville, New Jersey

College 2D & 3D

1st Place

  • Olivia Turner
    – Mayer, Minnesota

2nd Place

  • Arabella Blakeley
    – Havana, Illinois

Terms and Conditions

The winners of the contest will be notified by Lutheran Church Extension Fund (LCEF). Artwork is subject to being displayed at the 2023 synodical convention and/or the LCMS International Center and/or LCEF headquarters. Shipping of artwork is the responsibility of the participant. LCEF is not responsible for loss or damage during mailing. You also will not receive your art piece back. LCEF reserves the right to keep and distribute artwork as necessary for display. If the contestant misrepresents any information, LCEF reserves the right to revoke the submission.

About the 175th Synod Anniversary

The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod (LCMS) believes, teaches, and confesses faith in Jesus Christ as taught in the Scriptures and Lutheran Confessions. For 175 years, the Holy Spirit has kept us in the one true faith and still continues to gather sinners into the Holy Christian Church by grace through faith — all on account of Christ.

As we give thanks for our Synod’s founding on April 26, 1847, we rejoice in the 175th-anniversary theme, “Only Jesus: No Other Name,” based on Acts 4:12. Until Jesus comes, the LCMS will continue to trust in, teach and preach Jesus Christ and Him crucified.

For further information on the 175th Synod Anniversary, visit our resources page here.