Clarity, Alignment, Action

LCEF’s VisionPath helps you discover your ministry’s unique place in God’s mission. The VisionPath experience provides clarity in ministry passion, alignment in ministry purpose and action in ministry processes that make known the love of Christ within church and community. Clarity, alignment and action are the three modules by which we measure the effectiveness of VisionPath.

Clarity through VisionPath Compass

Designed for ministry clarity, together we discover the clear passions, aligned values and active mission for engaging your community, consistent with your core identity.

Alignment through VisionPath Map

Designed for ministry alignment, we help plot out clear measures, aligned purposes and active strategies for engaging individuals on a path of discipleship.

Action through VisionPath Guide

Designed for ministry action, we help to create clear programs, aligned structures and active processes for engaging the ministry in sustained health and growth.


Will VisionPath Work for Your Congregation?

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