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May 18, 2017 | Posted by Randy Raasch

My wife and I recently returned from a two-week trip to the British Isles. We decided that while overseas we didn’t need to pay for an international plan on both of our cell phones.

My wife’s job requires her to be available daily so those she serves are able to communicate with her on a regular basis. I am privileged to serve on a multiple pastoral staff. While I’m absent, my fellow pastors are available to handle matters. I did let the church staff know that if there was a need to call me they could always contact me through my wife.

I was unplugged for two weeks!

I’ll admit that at first, it wasn’t easy. The first morning I reached for my phone, but it wasn’t there. There was no checking the baseball box scores from the night before.The next day, as we prepared to visit Dublin, I was about to do a Google search to learn a little more about the city, but no phone. The day after, I began to calculate how many emails I would accumulate over a period of 14 days!

But then, something happened.

I got used to not grabbing my phone to read emails, logging onto Facebook, check the phone log or search the worldwide web. Here’s what I found:

  • I was able to relax since there was no information overload.
  • I was more attentive to the people around me.
  • I was more aware of my surroundings.

On my days off, I think I’m going to turn off my phone, my iPad and my laptop. Truly relax, regenerate and enjoy the people and places I experience.

Randy Raasch
Randy Raasch has served as pastor of First Immanuel Lutheran Church of Cedarburg, Wisconsin for 27 years. He has been an adjunct professor of theology at Concordia University Wisconsin since 1990. His personal mission statement is, I serve God by serving others.