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Tweaking the System

January 6, 2017 | Posted by Will Hanke

Growing up with both of my grandpas as pastors, I sometimes just follow their lead on what to do at church. I watched as the church I grew up in had to add positions to fill needs, and look for answers to problems that weren’t covered in seminary classes. Creative ways were found to improve sermons, and address specific ministry needs. Everyone faces new issues. The question becomes, “How will I solve them?”

Looking at the church today, we are facing a new culture of people (more relational than before), new reasons to give money and new methods to give, and new motivations to attend/not to attend church and which church to attend. It’s time to get creative!

My congregation has a pre-school that has cared for families for 40 years. Traditionally, our church has financially supported this ministry. Now, with so many social ministries to support, giving to the church is changing. As the giving styles change, so should our church models on how we manage the income we receive. Giving is still happening, it just happens in more specific ways and for more specific purposes than through the general budget of the church.

For my church, this meant we had to look at how we support our pre-school and our association school. These are challenging decisions, but critical ones in an age when you need more than just an organist to make the church run, and where trustees and committees are almost nonexistent. One thing I learned from working in larger churches is that each church, while focused on the same mission, has structures that are different. We can’t just copy the church down the road and hope for the same result. Every group of people is different, and it takes time and effort to seek how to best serve our congregation, its needs, and its guests.

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Will Hanke
Pastor Will Hanke has a passion for evangelism, and for encouraging the Church to determine its potential in its particular setting. He loves standing firm on ancient words and creating new ways for all people to grasp the message of real hope. Read Pastor Hanke’s blog here.