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Throw Away Your Resolutions

January 2, 2014 | Posted by Tom Eggebrecht

It’s January 2. Throw away those resolutions you made yesterday. You know you’re not going to keep them all the way through December 31 anyway.

Resolutions tend to be self-focused things like losing weight, getting a new job, personal finances, or a new exercise regimen. These are all well and good, but let’s make this year a year of focusing on others instead of ourselves. Let’s resolve to do the things that encourage, inspire, lead, direct, and help those that we lead.

How about resolving to do one or more of these things:

  1. Management By Wandering Around. Leadership guru Tom Peters (See: In Search of Excellence or The Little Big Things) endorses this practice. It means intentionally leaving your office at least once a day to get into direct contact with the people who are doing the work. The stories you find may not be as tear-inducing as the ones on the Undercover Boss TV show, but you will see, learn, and inspire things that may be greater than you could have imagined.
  2. Protect Those Who Serve Under You. The other night our Church Council had to make a decision that could have been unpleasant for the staff person who had to carry out the action. So they intentionally made sure that it was clear the directive came from them. The staff person carried out the directive of our governing body, and was not perceived as the “bad guy.” It made an unpleasant situation much more pleasant.
  3. Encouraging Words. You have no idea just how much one compliment means to a staff person or volunteer…especially when it is said to them in front of other people. A little, verbal “pat on the back” goes a long way.

What would you add to this list?

Tom Eggebrecht
Tom Eggebrecht is Senior Pastor of Ascension Lutheran Church in Casselberry, Florida. He is an active blogger, bicyclist, and music lover who enjoys encouraging people to pursue their passion and chase their dreams. Amongst the greatest joys in his life is the blessing of his wife, Tammy, and their two adult children, Ashlyn and Benjamin.