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5 Ways Teens Can Put Christ in Christmas

December 7, 2016 | Posted by Emily Briggs

Here we are again, about to begin what might be the busiest season all year: Christmas.

Too many traditions and parties to count and what seems like an endless amount of gifts packed tightly into one month. Tinsel, stockings, Santa, peppermints, parties, snow, music–all wonderful things–yet they seem to get in the way of the true meaning of Christmas.

We celebrate the presence of Jesus Christ here on earth. I know I’ve heard the “true meaning of Christmas” spiel, and I have memorized countless passages from Luke chapter 2. But I struggle every year to find ways of sharing this wonderful message with all the people in my life.

How can I find the time to spend with my family and to spread the miracle that is the birth of Christ when there is so much shopping to be done and parties to be attended and trees to be decorated?

To solve this problem I have put together a list of small, but meaningful things that any teenager could reasonably do this Christmas season. If you’re in need of some creative ways to remember Jesus this season, try one or two out and see some of God’s work in action.

1. Bake cookies and bring them to your neighbors (offer to pray for them as well)

This one is tried and true. Almost everyone likes holiday treats and you never know what your neighbors might be going through. A small act of kindness from you could make their day.

When they answer the door, introduce yourself, explain why you made the treats and offer to pray for them (right that minute or later if they’d prefer). Praying out loud with someone you don’t know might seem a bit scary, but once you’ve done it once it gets easier.

Most people I’ve met while passing out cookies have agreed to let us pray with them, and a few have even offered something specific that they need in their lives. It doesn’t have to be long, just a heartfelt message for God.

Another bonus of doing this is that you get to make some yummy treats with your loved ones, which is always fun!

2. Pray with your family/friends as often as possible and focus on giving thanks

The Bible tells us in Matthew 18:20 that wherever two or three gather in the Lord’s name, he is there with them. Praying with others is a pure and simple way to feel God’s presence. During the Advent/Christmas season, pray and give thanks with others.

This has helped me not take this wonderful season for granted.

3. Light candles for each Sunday at the dinner table

My family likes to remember Advent by putting our own set of candles out on display at the dinner table. Every meal we eat together we light the candles up, adding another with every passing Sunday. On Christmas eve, we light all five and let them burn out. For each candle, there is a related verse you and your family can discuss.

4. Start a journal and use it to keep track of God sightings

Maybe you hear your little brother humming “Away in a Manger” or the neighbor you never talk to wishes you a Merry Christmas. The works of God aren’t always big and loud. A great way to start see them is by paying attention.

Open your eyes and ears this season and who knows what you’ll notice.

5. Go Christmas caroling in your neighborhood

This is a great way to do something with your friends and family this time of year. If you already go caroling, try switching up the music. Instead of singing “Here comes Santa Claus”, (which, for the record, is a great song) try singing some more religious songs like “Joy to the World.” Feel free to sing some non-religious Christmas songs if you like, but don’t forget a few that spread the message of God.

In the past, I have done most of the items on this list. However, I have never kept a journal of “God Sightings.” I am very excited to try that this year. I hope that you are able to spread the Christmas message this year.

Have a Merry Christmas!

Emily Briggs
Hello! My name is Emily! I am 15 years old and live in Michigan. I have two puppies and 3 younger siblings. I attend Student Council and Youth Group for weekly meetings. On weekends I spend time skiing, competing in CREW (rowing) regattas or just hanging out with my friends downtown. I enjoy painting quite a bit as well. I’m grateful to be a part of the World Changers Internship!