What Motivates People to Give?

February 13, 2014 | Posted by John Kieschnick

Have you ever heard someone say, “The Gospel is the only motivation a pastor should use to move people to give”? If you have, I am 99.99% certain the comment was made by a pastor. I heard it more than once during my 37+ years of pastoral ministry. Obviously, God’s grace in Jesus Christ should be […]


How to Evaluate Your Pastor and Staff

February 6, 2014 | Posted by Art Scherer

When I was District President, I would frequently get calls from congregational leaders asking for help in evaluating their pastor. Often, but not always, that would be a sign of conflict that demanded conflict resolution rather than help with evaluation. And when evaluation was done, it was often done in retrospect against standards and goals […]


The Ministerial Use of Your Strengths

February 3, 2014 | Posted by Will Miller

Will Miller works with the MissionShift Institute at Concordia Seminary, St. Louis. Here he shares with LCEF blog readers about leadership in ministry: When the conventional wisdom in leadership is always to play to your strengths and to minimize your weaknesses, there can be no place left for the Holy Spirit to complete the sanctification of the Christian […]


7 Lessons That Will Transform Your Church’s...

January 13, 2014 | Posted by Jeff Meyer

Here are 7 lessons that emerged for me from Rosaria’s story (and the quotes that inspired the learning). As a leader I long to see these lessons embedded in the culture of our church. “Christians in particular were bad readers, always seizing opportunities to insert a Bible verse into a conversation with the same point […]


Eat That Frog! : Setting Priorities for the N...

January 9, 2014 | Posted by Art Scherer

The beginning of a new year is always a time for setting priorities and reviewing our stewardship of time. This would be a great time to make a list of those things you want to accomplish in the year ahead. It could be things like visiting every home in the congregation, spending more time with […]