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Stewardship Really Begins by Receiving

March 27, 2017 | Posted by Karl Galik

The stereotypical understanding of “stewardship” describes a process of giving, encourages generosity and seeks to inspire sacrificial giving.

In my seven years in stewardship consulting, I’ve come to see “stewardship” and “generous giving” as a likely a second dynamic to “receiving” (yes, receiving). The grace to receive, the acceptance of God’s Gifts in whatever sacrificial fashion, is directly related to the ability to give them away.

You can’t give away what you don’t have. You won’t give away what you believe isn’t there.

Although the implosive desire of human nature may want what every greedy person desires – just a little more. There is great potential for the maturing disciple to recognize the greater Truth. Overflowing abundance stirs the Spirit-given calling to give back to the Author of Plenty. Divine-induced recognition of abundance can wade into the River of Life and float on its current.

In your preaching, teaching and conversing, be quick to point out God’s immeasurably more; marvel at the spiritual gifts that are poured into your lap; shake your head in wonder of the grace that keeps coming in easy times and hard. Weave into your family and into the liturgy of the family of God wonder at baptismal identity. Create a tapestry of blessed images of forgiven freedom in Christ.

All this is to say always be prepared to respond to anyone about the hope that is within you, which, incidentally fuels the generous and sacrificial giving that supports the Message of God’s overflowing abundance.

Yes, giving begins with receiving.

Karl Galik
As a Vice-President for Capital Funding Services (CFS), Karl provides exceptional leadership counsel to those in pursuit of God’s vision that desires all people to be saved and come to the knowledge of the truth. Karl is author of “The Love Paradox,” and other resources for accountable renewal in leadership which can be found on Facebook.