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6 Amazing and Free Boredom-Busting Summer Activities

June 7, 2017 | Posted by Ashley Davis

Summer is fast approaching. And we need activities to keep the boredom at bay. Hanging out with friends is great. Unfortunately, it can also be expensive. So how do you have fun without spending all of your savings?

My friends and I are pretty wacky. Believe me. So we do some outlandish stuff when we get together. But no matter how bizarre, I’m sure you can find something we do entertaining.

Here are a couple of ways to hang out that won’t break the bank.

1. It’s debate time!

Seriously. Host a fake presidential debate. I know this may sound lame. But trust me it’s hilarious. Set two of your friends behind makeshift podiums and ask them questions. Here’s the fun part: the questions can be about anything. In fact, the weirder the question the better.

  • “Marvel or DC?”
  • “What is your stance on Emus?”
  • “What is the correct pronunciation of pecans?”

Try to avoid making the questions political. It’s more fun that way. And when you’re done with the debate, have a vote to see which one of your friends is the supreme overlord.

2. Ravioli Parties?

Hear me out.

My friends have a weird obsession with ravioli. And it’s like a dollar a person when you split the cost with six friends. So we are planning to celebrate summer with a ravioli party. If ravioli isn’t your style, get a different food. As long as you and your friends are chowing down together, what food you eat doesn’t matter.

To make this idea even better, pick a wacky show to watch. Our show of choice is Veggietales. But yours doesn’t have to be made for five-year-olds to be fun. Pick a fun Netflix show or soap opera and get comfy with your friends.

3. Wars are the bomb

Not actually.

I don’t condone violence. But if you have some old toy blasters lying around it can be a blast. Split into teams. Barricade your room. And fight until one team reaches the other’s base. (Just be careful not to send a chair flying down your stairs like mine did.)

So, I know these ideas are pretty wacky. But if you personalize them to your friend group’s tastes, I’m sure that you will have fun. And if these activities don’t suit you, here are some slightly less crazy ideas.

4. Start a language group

Chances are you have taken or will take a foreign language. And if you love it as much as I do, you won’t want these skills to get rusty over the summer. So set up meetings with friends that have taken the same language as you.

You can have fun speaking, trading songs or watching videos or movies in a foreign language. Not only will this allow you to keep your language skills sharp, but you can hang out with friends and do something you enjoy that you might not have considered doing before.

5. Trade cooking tips

I know this sounds like a soccer mom thing to do, but you can make it fun. Don’t just trade the recipes, have a cook-off with your favorites. You can have the less culinary skilled people in your group judge.

6. Make music

This one is for all you band nerds out there. Almost all of my friends play an instrument. So we all get together and practice sometimes. This can be really fun if you show each other new skills. But it can be equally as fun if you just run around making duck noises with the mouthpiece.

By doing this you don’t undo months of practice by losing your good embouchure (lip strength and shape). And you and your friends can get together and teach each other something new. Or maybe get ahead on learning that marching band music for next year.

My hope is that some of these ideas appeal to you. If you’re not careful, summer can be dull and expensive. But by using these activities or a little imagination, you can do some amazing and free things this summer.

So make the most of your break, and have some fun. You aren’t young forever. Enjoy summer while it lasts.

Ashley Davis
Hi, I’m Ashley. I live in North Carolina and am a sophomore in high school. I play trumpet in Marching, Jazz and Symphonic band, and I also participate in French Club and Band Council. I enjoy reading and writing, and I am excited to learn skills through this internship to become an even better writer.