Cooperative Funding for Essential Communication Tools

Lutheran Church Extension Fund is committed to helping your ministry reach out to those you seek to serve. There are many ways to tell your ministry’s story, but the reality of financial considerations may keep you from realizing your vision. We invite your ministry to become a partner in the LCEF Signature Sponsorship Series, a cooperative funding program that will empower you to share your story more widely and increase your visibility within your community–all so that the life-giving message of the Gospel can be heard.

What You Can Expect

LCEF embraces the ministries of The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod (LCMS), empowering them in their work to expand God’s kingdom and helping to ensure that everyone knows Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior. Through the LCEF Signature Sponsorship Series, we offer a way to share the expense of reaching your community with news and information of your ministry and how others can get involved. In this brochure, you will find ideas and options for highlighting your ministry and its activities.

Mutual Benefits

We are a partner who understands that proper stewardship is at the top of your ministry priorities, and we are here to help. In return, as a sponsorship recipient, we ask that you commit to communicating the mission and ministry of LCEF either through consistent messages (provided to you by LCEF), display of the LCEF logo and/or acknowledgement of the sponsorship. These acknowledgements will be customized to each partner.



Let your community know what your ministry is doing and how they can become involved!


Banners can serve short-term community awareness needs, such as invitations to worship, vacation Bible school announcements, and notices of groundbreakings, expansions and other special events.


Leverage the reach of one of your most visible signs–your organization’s athletics scoreboard.

Bulletin Boards/Enclosed Letter Boards

Bulletin boards–whether enclosed or made from cork, fabric or vinyl–are effective indoor tools for sharing information about upcoming events, volunteer opportunities and other news.

Display Cases

A display case offers a highly visible way to share your ministry’s cherished documents and collectibles or showcase your school’s awards and honors. From floor units to wall-mounted units, there are a variety of options to fit your organization’s personality and budget.

Outdoor Signs

Another strategic communications tool is an illuminated, enclosed exterior sign with a letter board for displaying key messages. In addition to providing visibility for your organization, you also can display specific messages for all in your community to see. Consider the opportunity to welcome visitors, announce worship times, share meaningful Scripture and promote special events with signage visible from the street. Today’s signs and letter boards feature safe and easy ways for staff members or volunteers to change and update messages.


Our custom partnerships for sharing the expense of these communications will include an agreement to post regular messages about LCEF mission, investment and partnership opportunities and feature the LCEF logo on sponsored materials. We will provide professionally designed artwork for your use and request the right to approve a final design for each of the options.


Audio & Visual

Because face-to-face communications are so effective, many ministries are investing in state-of-the-art audio-visual communication tools so that more people can see and hear important messages. For some ministries, the cost of such resources can be prohibitive. An LCEF Signature Sponsorship can place these important communication tools within your reach.


Many organizations use professional–grade LCD monitors to display visual messages and videos. You’ll see them used in sanctuaries to display hymns or readings, and in cry rooms, meeting rooms and lobbies to provide information on service times, events, calendars and other special messages.

Projectors and Projector Screens

Whether you need a permanent or portable projector, these devices enable your ministry to share more information with more people. Consider the multiple places a projector could be used for presentations, celebrations and teaching opportunities:

  • Classrooms
  • Sanctuaries
  • Fellowship halls
  • Conference rooms
  • Speakers/Amplifiers

Ensure that everyone hears the Gospel message—whether in church on Sunday morning, during a school event in the gym or auditorium, or at a board meeting in a conference room—with an effective sound system. A good system also improves the quality output of your video production when you record your event to share with others.


LCEF will provide a timely mix of messages and graphics suitable for inclusion with your digital messages to be shared via your audio-visual tools. We will request a confirmed production schedule for these LCEF-produced materials.


Print Materials

For clarity of message, nothing beats the written word! To help you manage your printing costs, an LCEF Signature Sponsorship can offset the cost of printing bulletins, programs, posters and special-event materials.


Print communications are to include the LCEF logo and regularly scheduled LCEF features. We will provide copy-ready articles and high-quality logo files for ease of use.


Website Design

Having a well-designed and supported website is a vital communication tool in today’s world. Your website serves to introduce others to your ministry and forms the hub for communication with your key audiences–members, visitors and seekers. For that reason alone, it is more important than ever to offer a compelling, robust site to your Web visitors.

Key features could include audio sermons, photos of ministry in action, event calendars, and news and social media feeds. An attractive, well designed, inviting website can be a way to share the Good News with more people.


Our partnership in sharing the cost of website design will include posting monthly banner ads that support LCEF’s mission focus. We will provide high-resolution image files for sharing on your website in an agreed-upon position in advance of the monthly deadline.

For more information and to apply, contact your District Vice President.