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How to Save Money on a Small Allowance

January 4, 2017 | Posted by Jenna Johnson

Money only goes so far. You can’t buy every single thing that you want, especially if you’re a teenager that gets a limited amount of money. If you bought everything you wanted, you’d run out of money exceedingly quick.

Every week my parents give me an allowance. It’s based on how much work I do in a week. The more work I do, the more money I get, and I can earn up to $20 per week. For each chore that I do, I get $1, but if I miss a chore one day, that puts me down to $19 that week.

I know it’s hard to limit yourself on spending and that’s why I have come up with some great ways to save money.

Not buying expensive food from fundraisers

Popcorn, cookie dough and pizza are very expensive if you buy them from a school fundraiser. A good way to save your money for something else you would rather have is to skip all that expensive food.

Don’t go to the mall every weekend

Sometimes it’s very hard to keep myself from going to the mall with my friends, but if you don’t go every weekend, you can save a lot of money. If you do end up going don’t bring any money with you. That way you can still have a good time with friends and not lose all your money.

Rethink your clothing

I pay for all of my clothes. I love clothes and so do most people, which is why it’s very easy to spend too much on clothes. Sometimes we think that people will like us more if we have the latest fashions, but if you don’t worry about the clothes you wear, you could save hundreds of dollars every year.

Pay attention

Have you ever wanted something so bad that you were willing to do anything to get it, no matter how much it cost? That happens with so many people. They just want something so bad that they forget how much money they’re actually spending. Pay attention to the price tag on everything. Stop yourself from buying if it doesn’t fit your budget.

Make a budget

Speaking of a budget, I love getting presents for people, and I pay for all the Christmas presents myself! The only problem? I get so carried away with getting nice things for people that all my money is gone in no time. If you have the same problem as I do, make a budget for buying Christmas presents. Stick to the budget no matter what.

Save up for the big stuff

Every week, I put a little money aside to go in my savings. If I put aside a little money every week, eventually I’ll have enough money for a car. You could save up money for anything: a laptop, bicycle or your education. But it’s always pleasing to treat yourself once in a while.


Just remember, everything that’s yours is also God’s, so if you do make money, it’s a good idea to think about giving a portion of that money to your church’s offering. That would definitely put a smile on God’s face if you shared your gifts with the One who gave them to you.

Jenna Johnson
My name is Jenna and I live in North Dakota. I’m 15 years old and a sophomore in high school. I play clarinet in my school band, but outside of school, I love playing the piano. I’m also in dance, cross country and on the school’s yearbook staff helping create my school’s 2017 yearbook. I love to travel to places I’ve never been before and experience the things I’ve never experienced. Writing is for sure my biggest hobby!