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The Power of Online Positivity

March 23, 2017 | Posted by Tom Eggebrecht

We’ve taken one of our church’s small groups online. It was such a busy crew that we decided to use the fantastic tool of Facebook Live to meet together every Thursday evening.

Our leaders begin with a devotion, move into some commentary on the devotion, and then end with prayer requests and prayer. All the while each member of the group has the opportunity to chime in with questions or comments.

If you haven’t yet used this online tool in your ministry, what are you waiting for? You can do Bible classes, seminars, meetings, or even stream your worship services live.

Facebook Live is a tool from the Lord Himself.

All of these things are great. But our small group leaders have taken it a step further this week, and that is the point of this post. There is so very much negativity, bickering, and political snark online these days, that we could all use a great deal more positivity both in our lives and online.

So our Facebook Live small group leaders did just that.

At the beginning of this week they wrote in our private Facebook group:

“We want to take each day of the week this week to pray for one family in our group. Would you take the time to pray for them, and reply to this post with something(s) for which you are thankful or a spiritual gift that you recognize about them?”

You should see what people are writing about their fellow group members. I can only imagine how it makes them feel and what a boost it must be to their day.

Here’s just one example of a positive post that was written to one of our small group members:

“…Thank you for all of your hard work at church with “The Closet” (clothing ministry), and for your leadership on the Church Council. You are a wonderfully devoted mother, phenomenal example for the youth, and a true example of the hands of Christ at work in our congregation! Thank you for being you!”

There’s enough negativity online these days. Why not add some online positivity. It will brighten a day and build up the Kingdom.

Tom Eggebrecht
Tom Eggebrecht is Senior Pastor of Ascension Lutheran Church in Casselberry, Florida. He is an active blogger, bicyclist, and music lover who enjoys encouraging people to pursue their passion and chase their dreams. Amongst the greatest joys in his life is the blessing of his wife, Tammy, and their two adult children, Ashlyn and Benjamin.