Making Meaningful Pastoral Visits

August 29, 2016 | Posted by Art Scherer

I’ve observed that many of the most effective and beloved pastors (and elders, too!) were those who had a plan for regular visitation of the people of God in their spiritual care. Those visits might be in the home, at lunch near work, or some other place. They might be once a year or once […]


Invitation Made Simple

August 25, 2016 | Posted by Jeff Meyer

What do the following have in common? …discovering a fresh insight…working to build a community garden in a food desert…running…partnering with community service groups that are making a difference…worshiping at church…caring for the homeless…holding babies in the hospital nursery…subscribing to a new reading plan on the You Version Bible app… dedicating a new business…singing in […]


Three Things My Garbage Man Taught Me About L...

August 22, 2016 | Posted by Tom Eggebrecht

There’s a little boy in our neighborhood named Mateo. Mateo loves the garbage truck. Twice a week, when the garbage men come, Mateo runs outside and waves at them. When Mateo runs outside to wave to the garbage men, they always wave back and salute. One day last week Mateo’s mom had a devastating day. […]


Sharing Big Heart for Little Ones

August 18, 2016 | Posted by LCEF

You don’t talk long with Arleen Bohlmann before the conversation turns to children. “I’ve felt such blessings,” says this former kindergarten teacher who continues to share her big heart for little ones as coordinator for LCEF’s Young Investors (Y.I.) Club at Bethany Lutheran Church Waynesboro, Virginia. Those blessings include the two preschools Arleen helped start […]


Laborers Lend a Helping Hand to Helping Hand ...

| Posted by LCEF

East St. Louis, Illinois, is a community with a shrinking economic base where more than 33% of households are below the poverty level. A grant from Lutheran Housing Support (LHS) will enable Unity Lutheran Church there, and its partner—the Lansdowne Community Initiative—to assist at least eight homeowners with critical home repairs. A Laborers For Christ […]


What Will Your Next Church Building Look Like...

| Posted by Art Scherer

What will your next church building look like? That’s one of the questions that come to mind as the turn of the year gives cause to reflect on the past and the future of the church. Of course, the answer to that question begins not with architecture, but with the church’s self-understanding of who it […]