* The State of Washington has adopted a regulatory position that currently prohibits residents of Washington State from opening a new investment unless they are already an LCEF investor. Rates as of Oct. 2019.


How to make your investments do more.

ConnectPLUS is a fixed-rate term note for new LCEF investors* who wish to invest in the future of The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod and its Christ-centered ministries.

  • Now available to LCMS congregations, businesses, RSOs and trusts.
  • 3% fixed rate on the first $50,000.
  • Minimum of $500 to start.
  • Two-year fixed term note.
  • Additional funds can be added during the term ($25 minimum).
  • Balances over $50,000 earn 2.25%.
  • Rates subject to change.

*This offer is available on a one account per investor basis only to new investors 18 and older who have not had an LCEF investment in the past 24 months.

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Thank you for partnering with LCEF. 

It’s investors like you who are allowing The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod (LCMS) to continue to carry the Gospel of Jesus Christ throughout our country and beyond. As a sign of our gratitude, we extend this exclusive investment opportunity to you*.

  • Available to individuals, LCMS organizations and congregations.
  • Minimum of $500 to start (no transfers from other LCEF investments).
  • Competitive fixed rate of 2.50% on two-year notes or 3.00% on four-year notes on balances up to $50,000.
  • Balances over $50,000 earn 2.25%.
  • Additional funds can be added during the term ($25 minimum).
  • New money only.
  • Offer eligible for IRAs.
  • Rates subject to change.

* This offer is available to investors 18 and older. New money only.

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Jumbo Term Note

Now available! When you invest with LCEF, funds are made available to equip Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod pastors, churches, schools and organizations to fulfill their call of sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

  • Fixed rate term note at 3%.
  • Minimum $100,000.
  • No maximum.
  • New or existing dollars.
  • Open multiple accounts.

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