Interest Time, Lutheran Church Extension Fund’s (LCEF) official magazine, has a long history. We sent out our first issue in the early ‘80s as a trifold newsletter.
This year we celebrate our 40th anniversary, and much has changed since our beginning in 1978.

Interest Time issue 110 highlights church extension pioneers, congregations and ministries who have devoted their lives to serving God’s people through LCEF.

In this issue you’ll discover:

  • The unique history of church extension pioneers like Fred E. Lietz and Victor Bryant
  • Family of God, Detroit’s ministry to the homeless
  • 7 reasons everyone needs an emergency fund
  • A timeline of the history of LCEF
  • John Frederick the Magnanimous: A CPH Book Review
  • How Intersect Arts Center (IAC) is bringing hope to a broken community
  • And much more!