The Hand of God… (Reflections of the Outgoing LCEF President)

September 29, 2017 | Posted by LCEF

I am just a few short days from my departure as President/C.E.O. of the Lutheran Church Extension Fund where I have had the privilege to lead this important, vibrant ministry of the LCMS for the past eight years. As I reflect on my tenure, what comes to mind is how I have been blessed to see the hand of God in action through the work of His people across this globe.

God’s hand is what brought me to LCEF as well. After a successful career in corporate America, I had decided to share some of my time with organizations that aligned with my faith, and LCEF rose to the top. As background, LCEF provided funding for my congregation’s school – the first Christian school in the town in which we lived. A significant loan, for a relatively small group of individuals who heard the calling and acted. I know of no other financial institution that would have taken the risk. Like many schools, you have the ups and the down years, but now after twenty years, they have a solid, respected footprint in our community and this year’s enrollment is over 230 children – children hearing the good news of eternal life through Jesus Christ! The hand of God at work! Mind you, this school is in Southeast – Peachtree City, GA. – not a mecca for LCMS Lutherans, yet they come! Nothing stops God’s hand to make things happen. The impossible always becomes possible.

St Paul’s in Peachtree City is a very small example of what I have witnessed in my tenure at LCEF. I have always viewed the work of the saints at LCEF as just one of the cogs of the wheel of the ministry being served. We are but a small part of what lies ahead for the work of His people – the engine is the ministry. While the resources can make things happen, the reality is that even without those resources, the hand of God will never cease showing them the way and His plan will be done. I thank those ministries from Concordia International School in Hanoi to Pocatello, ID. to Naples, FL to Riga, Latvia for the partnerships and demonstrating to me the importance of listening.

Since the inception of LCEF, there has been strong leadership, but if you were to sit down all the past presidents in a room today, we would quickly agree that the success of the organization is the commitment of its people. LCEF has been blessed with incredible talent. Steering that talent has been a personal joy for me. I have enjoyed seeing many individuals grow well beyond their own expectations. The saints of LCEF are a treasured gift – one that will continue to shine for many years to come. Art Haake, Vic Bryant, Merle Freitag, along with myself, salute you, pray for you and thank you for your care and work at this place we call the Lutheran Church Extension Fund.

As for my future, I am in good health and have a good amount of “wind still in my sail!”, hence I look forward to God’s hand manifesting itself again and guiding me where I can best serve. There will likely be a bit of down time as Cindy and I transition back to our home in Georgia. We look forward to spending quality time with the Robertson Clan who will be in closer proximity as well.

We have been blessed and we thank you for your encouragement over the years.

Richest blessings.

Rich Robertson
LCEF President and CEO

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