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How to Live Your Faith in a Faithless World

July 5, 2017 | Posted by Ashley Davis

It’s time to get real.

The world we live in doesn’t value faith the way it should. Even though it’s hard to live out faith when others don’t value it, it is important to stand strong in your religion. Even when others tell you to shy away from it.

During the school year, each day I woke up and went to school. And each day I seemed to grow wearier in sharing my beliefs. It’s hard to share my faith when I get shut down every time. People don’t want to listen. They would rather talk about the latest memes or hottest trends.

And just because it is summer, it doesn’t mean I get a break from sharing my faith.

It is a daily struggle to discuss religion. Many of the ideals Christians we have don’t line up with ideals that the world has. This can be nerve racking.  It’s hard to speak up when you know it’s not what people want to hear.

You are going to face challenges in living out your faith. There’s no way around that. But you don’t have to be timid when sharing God’s message. Live out your beliefs. Start the discussion.

Here is how.

1. Don’t be scared

I know standing out is hard, but living faith takes courage. So, don’t shy away from doing things like praying or talking about a cool youth event.

2. Know that high school is temporary

You’re only there for four years. So don’t waste time saying you’ll share the gospel with your friends later. Before you know it, it’s graduation. And then you realize you never once told them of God’s love.

Knowing high school doesn’t last forever helps in other ways, too. If you’re worried people will think you’re weird for being religious, understand it’s no big deal. Chances are, once you graduate, you’ll never see them again!

3. Be loving

High schoolers have this “it’s cool to be mean” attitude. But if you live in a way that shows compassion, I guarantee it will have an impact. People will notice when you are kind. And they will wonder why you’re different. So make it known that your heart is one molded by Jesus’ example. It will show the world what true living looks like: loving.

To successfully do all of this, it is also important to know your rights in public schools. You may:

  • Express your beliefs. Just be sure to be respectful and considerate. As long as you are not forcing someone to listen, you may express your faith during school. Also, be careful not to do so during instructional time.
  • Pray. The prayer has to be student-led and non-disruptive. And no one should feel pressured to participate if they do not want to.
  • Participate in Christian clubs and activities. Schools are required to treat all student-led activities equally. They will do that as long as your activities are respectful and not infringing on anyone else’s rights.

So be proud. Start the conversation. Place value on your faith, so the world will, too. You’re not in high school forever. So make the most of it, and touch as many lives as you can. Living your faith is something you won’t regret. But hiding it is something you will.

Ashley Davis
Hi, I’m Ashley. I live in North Carolina and am a sophomore in high school. I play trumpet in Marching, Jazz and Symphonic band, and I also participate in French Club and Band Council. I enjoy reading and writing, and I am excited to learn skills through this internship to become an even better writer.