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3 Ways Failed Jobs Can Lead to Success

July 24, 2017 | Posted by Ashley Davis

No one likes being a failure, but sometimes it’s not a waste to have a bad job experience. The following are some ways that failing at a job could be a good thing.

1. Shows you what you weren’t meant to do

Many people search for the perfect job. They base all of their studies on preparing for this job. Then they get there and realize it’s not what they were meant to do.

This can be avoided if you start working or interning in a field you are interested in when you get the chance. If it doesn’t work out, you should determine why, and use that to decide if that field of work is really for you.

2. Identifies what you are good at

Maybe the job you last worked at wasn’t for you, but that doesn’t mean you can’t learn something from it. Just because part of the job was a failure doesn’t mean your time was wasted. Often, you can look back on a failed job and still see evidence that you learned some new skill from the experience.

When my friend Eva worked at a casual dining restaurant two summers ago she did not have a great experience. She told me that working with and communicating with management was difficult and the other employees just didn’t care about their job, the company or the customers.

It was really hard for her to watch.

However, she did learn that she really enjoyed interacting with customers for the most part. She says, “I definitely learned that I could be friendly and nice to the customers no matter what was going on behind the scenes. Although I didn’t like the job, I learned that I really like interacting with people.”

3. Highlights what areas to strengthen

If you don’t succeed at a job because of a certain factor, but you would really like to go into a job in the future where a skill you lack is necessary, a failed job can teach you how to improve upon that skill.

The point is that not every job has to work out perfectly, and you don’t have to find your dream job right off the bat. Sometimes, learning what you’re not good at can be just as useful as searching for something you’ll love.

Have you learned any lessons from a failed job?

Ashley Davis
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