LCEF Dedicated Certificate

* The State of Washington has adopted a regulatory position that currently prohibits residents of Washington State from opening a new investment unless they are already an LCEF investor.

Benefits & Features

  • Minimum $100 investment to open account (custodial investments for minors $25)
  • Additional investments can be made at any time
  • Full and partial redemptions allowed
  • Tiered interest rates that rise as your balance grows
  • Interest compounded and paid quarterly (March, June, September, December)
  • Quarterly statements
  • Free MyAccount online services, including e-statements

Dedicated Certificate Rates

MinimumRateAPY *
* APY is the annual percentage yield, representing the effective rate of interest when all principal and interest payments are retained in the investment balance.
$25 (minor account only)0.125%0.125%
$1,000 0.250%0.250%
$5,000 0.375%0.376%

See all investment rates.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I add to an investment?

    Additional investments may be made electronically through MyAccount (LCEF’s online financial service), wire transfer, ACH or by sending a check with an Investment Slip (PDF).

  • How do I make a partial or full redemption from my LCEF investment?

    Redemptions can be made from investments at any time. Complete the redemption section of the Investment Slip (PDF) and mail or fax to us. Unless otherwise instructed, a check will be issued.

    StewardAccount® holders have the ability to write checks or may have access to their funds via the debit card.

    Term Notes: Redemption of a term note prior to the maturity date may be subject to an early withdrawal penalty, which could result in the loss of principal.

  • How do I make a change to my automatic investment?

    To update your bank information or change the transfer amount, complete the Investment ACH Authorization Form (PDF) and return to us at least 5 business days before the next scheduled transaction date.

    To stop your transfer, write or call us at 800-843-5233. Requests must be received at least 5 business days before the next scheduled transaction date.

  • How do I change the ownership of my investment?

    Contact us at 800-843-5233 to discuss your request and obtain the necessary forms to complete the modification.

  • How do I get more information regarding the beneficiary designation on my investment?

    Your named beneficiaries are reflected on the Investment Certification acknowledgement you received when the account was opened. If you subsequently added or changed a beneficiary on an existing account, those modifications are acknowledged in a letter sent to you. To confirm beneficiary information on an existing account, call us at 800-843-5233.

    You may complete a Beneficiary Designation Form (PDF) at any time to add or change a beneficiary. For jointly held investments, we require the signature of all owners to process the request.

    Important: To ensure the accuracy of our records, a newly executed Beneficiary Designation Form replaces, in its entirety, all prior beneficiary forms. The beneficiaries named on the most current form will be the only beneficiaries recognized by LCEF.

  • What is MyAccount?

    MyAccount is a secure online service allowing investors and borrowers quick access to their LCEF investment and loan information. Besides viewing balances, account history and accessing eStatements, users may:

    • Make internal and external transfers
    • Reorder checks
    • View check images
    • Make one-time and recurring payments through the Bill Payment option. (Personal users only; must have a StewardAccount)
    • Inform us of address changes (personal users only)
    • Contact us via secure email

    IRA and HSA investments limited to inquiry only access in MyAccount.

  • What is Simply Statements?

    Simply Statements allows personal users to view their LCEF investment and loan statements securely online for up to six months at no cost. Statements arrive much sooner than mailed statements. A copy of an older statement can be requested by contacting us at 800-843-5233.

    Residential mortgage loans serviced by LoanCare are not included in this service.