Designed to energize your members in their ongoing giving, the program is not tied to the church budget but rather to your members’ desire to give. Many participating congregations have reported increases in annual commitments of 15% to 30%.*

Benefits & Features

  • The commitment process is tied to the Sunday morning act of worship
  • Members do not need to ask each other for a financial commitment
  • Can be used at any time throughout the year
  • Includes Lutheran Bible study materials and sermon outlines
  • Includes publicity and communication aids
  • Includes an optional workshop for leaders
  • Offers guidance for stewardship witness talks
  • Lays out a process for celebrating congregation ministries
  • Your ministry works with an LCEF-trained and certified Guest Leader

* Individual results vary. Increases in amounts committed to annual envelope giving typically range between 15% and 35%. A congregation’s results could be more or less. LCEF cannot guarantee results in a Consecrated Stewards program or the fulfillment of the commitments. Success depends upon the cooperation and participation of congregation members.