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There May be More Than You Think to Christian Music

June 21, 2017 | Posted by Karina Rovey

Not long ago I went with my family to a contemporary Christian concert featuring Chris Tomlin, Big Daddy Weave and others. Not only was I amazed by their talent, but I was amazed by something bigger: the power of contemporary Christian music to unite people.

It was truly incredible to be one of 15,000 people all together singing praises to Jesus. That night that sold-out arena was full of people of varying ages, cultures and denominations. But when I looked around, everyone was singing along to the same words and worshiping the same awesome God.

One of the neatest things about contemporary Christian music is its ability to reach a new audience. There are lots of people, including many teenagers, whom you would never catch listening to traditional Christian hymns in their free time. But they would be open to listening to songs with catchy melodies and fun beats that you would hear on the radio.

In my own life, only recently have I discovered how much I love contemporary Christian music. It is comforting when I am feeling down, and it inspires me with its message of hope.

And the great thing is that there’s not just one kind of contemporary Christian music. Just like there are different genres of mainstream music, there are different genres of Christian music as well.

For example, I enjoy listening to rap music occasionally, especially when I am working out. However, I originally had trouble finding mainstream rap songs that weren’t full of cursing and inappropriate lyrics.

When I found out about Christian rap music, I felt as if I had come across the best of both worlds: music that had a bumping bass line and meaningful, Christ-driven lyrics.

You might be surprised to find that there is a type of contemporary Christian music for your taste, too. So, here are some artists to get you started.

  • Pop music: Chris Tomlin, Lauren Daigle, Big Daddy Weave
  • Rap music: Trip Lee, TobyMac, Lecrae
  • Punk music: Relient K, Five Iron Frenzy, Audio Adrenaline
  • Rock music: NeedToBreathe, Skillet, Third Day
  • Alternative music: Rend Collective, Kutless, Switchfoot

When you find contemporary Christian music you like, share it with your friends and family! It can be a great yet simple way to reach others with the Gospel. An easy way to do this is to suggest listening to your local contemporary Christian radio station when in the car.

You can also invite friends and family to go to Christian concerts with you. I use an app called BandsInTown to find out when my favorite Christian artists are going to be in town. You can track certain artists, and the app sends you an email every time they announce that they are performing in your city. That way, you get notified and can snag those cheap early bird tickets!

In all, I truly believe that contemporary Christian music has the capacity to change lives. And not only that, but it’s a wholesome alternative to mainstream music and is equally as fun to listen to. So go out there and get listening! Your new favorite playlist awaits you.

By the way, can you share some of your favorite Christian bands?

Karina Rovey
Hi there. I’m Karina and I’m a sophomore in high school from Tennessee. I love Jesus, acting, playing guitar and traveling with my family. I am honored and excited to be a part of the World Changers team!