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Be Great At What You’re Great At

September 19, 2016 | Posted by Jeff Meyer

What does Café Du Monde in New Orleans’ French Market, and Hudsons Hamburgers in Coeur d’Alene have in common? Nothing and everything. They know the one thing they do best, and they do it with relentless determination. They have managed over the years to not get distracted by the pull toward the multiplicity of options. They are great at what they’re great at.

Café’ Du Monde makes THE BEST beignets. And that’s all they do. Hudsons Hamburgers makes THE BEST hamburgers. And that’s all they do. No cluttered menu. In fact, there is no menu! My recent experiences with these two world-famous destinations has got me thinking…

What would happen in our communities if every local Christian congregation knew the one thing they did the best, and they did it with relentless determination? Ignoring the relentless pull to add choices, to offer the multiplicity of options and simply focused on “Being great at what they’re great at.”

Every church is called to glorify God and make disciples. Your church does that by relentlessly focusing the passions, people, and place where you exist. Only YOUR church has the unique combination of these three. Like a thumbprint, YOUR church is one of a kind. God has set your church apart. He has given you permission within the Great Commission.

Can you tell me how your church uniquely glorifies God and makes disciples? How do you accomplish the Great Commission? What’s your unique contribution? What are you great at?

Jeff Meyer
Jeff is a father to four daughters, father-in-law, grandfather, and husband to Amy.  He serves as the Lead Pastor of a multi-site movement in Madison, WI called the Church (livelifetogether.com). He also serves as a Lead Navigator for Auxano. You can follow Jeff at jeffmeyer.org.