MyAccount provides online access to your organization’s investments and loans.

  • Signers with a MyAccount User ID

    Please do not transfer your existing MyAccount User ID to another person. Your User ID is linked to your personal information and should not be shared. Any transactions performed with your User ID will be associated with you. When your organization sends an updated Investment Signature Authorization Form, your online access to the investment will cease. If you would like to have your MyAccount User ID deleted immediately, call 800-843-5233.

  • New and Existing Signers

    When updating signers on the Investment Signature Authorization Form, choose the appropriate selection in Part 3.

    • New MyAccount User – Mark the line next to New MyAccount User and enter three User Name choices. The User Name and initial password will be sent to the user’s email address.
    • Existing MyAccount User – Mark the line next to Add to MyAccount to add the listed accounts to the current access.

    If adding MyAccount access to an investment when no signatory changes are needed, complete the Business/Organization MyAccount Application (PDF).


StewardAccount® Debit Cards

Debit cards are only available on StewardAccounts without a multiple signature restriction.

  • Replaced Signers –Once removed from the investment, your debit card will be cancelled. Please destroy your card.
  • New Signers – Mark the line next to Issue a Debit Card on the Investment Signature Authorization Form.
  • Existing Signers – Complete the Visa® Debit Card Request Form (PDF).

Get Started

  1. Complete the Signature Authorization Form (PDF)Please note that two organization officer’s signatures are required in Part 1 to be valid.
  2. Ensure each authorized user completes Parts 2 and 3 of the form. For security reasons, authorized users who do not provide their Social Security number, Date of Birth, and Mother’s Maiden Name will not be able to utilize the MyAccount online service or receive account information by phone.
  3. Review the form for accuracy.
  4. Mail to LCEF at PO Box 229009, St. Louis, MO 63122-9009 or fax to 314-996-1129.

Call 800-843-5233 if you have questions.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who qualifies as an officer for the purpose of completing LCEF documents?

    Documents requiring an officer’s authorization may be completed by any officer who was duly elected by the organization or business they represent. If requested they can provide proof of their election through meeting minutes or other legally binding paperwork.

  • Why does LCEF need my personal information to be an authorized signer on an organization or business account?

    We use your personal information to verify your identity when you are transacting on behalf of your organization/business. When you call us to discuss the investment, we will ask you questions based on the personal information you have provided to ensure we are communicating with you. When a signer does not provide us with personal information, we are unable to verify identity. Therefore, we may be unable to assist with phone inquiries or allow enrollment in MyAccount (online financial service).

    Be assured that we treat all information in a secure and confidential manner. Refer to Privacy & Security or contact us at 800-843-5233 with any questions.

  • As an existing authorized signer do I need to sign and complete my information on the Investment Signature Authorization Form if I’m not being removed?

    Yes. The Investment Signature Authorization Form is the “signature card” for the investment accounts listed and replaces the existing form on file. Only signatories listed on the current form will be able to transact or receive information on the account.

  • Where will my organization/business debit card be mailed?

    All organization/business debit cards are mailed to the address of the organization/business. In an emergency, replacement cards can be mailed to the address we have on file for the cardholder.

  • What is MyAccount?

    MyAccount is a secure online service allowing investors and borrowers quick access to their LCEF investment and loan information. Besides viewing balances, account history and accessing eStatements, users may:

    • Make internal and external transfers
    • Reorder checks
    • View check images
    • Make one-time and recurring payments through the Bill Payment option. (Personal users only; must have a StewardAccount)
    • Inform us of address changes (personal users only)
    • Contact us via secure email

    IRA and HSA investments limited to inquiry only access in MyAccount.