The Architectural Advisory Committee:

  • Encourages excellence in church architecture and ecclesiastical art
  • Stimulates greater understanding of church architecture and sound planning for building projects
  • Encourages architects and artists to strive for a higher level of excellence in planning church buildings
  • Stimulates sound economic approaches to the planning of worship and educational facilities
  • Promotes responsible business principles and stewardship throughout your building project

Site and Facility Analysis

A Site and Facility Analysis (PDF) is ideal for any congregation or school facing a decision about its location or facilities. It is designed specifically to help your congregation or school determine:

  • How well your site and facilities match your ministry needs
  • The capacity of your site and facilities to meet the needs of new or expanded programs

The analysis is completed by an Architectural Advisory Committee member experienced in the design and planning of LCMS congregations and schools. Your Architectural Advisor will use your existing site and facility plans, current design standards, agency requirements for your site and congregation or school statistics to conduct the analysis.


Energy Efficiency Projects

There are several reasons for making your ministry facility more energy efficient. LCEF can assist you if you are considering:

  • Practicing responsible stewardship of the environment
  • Putting cost savings toward ministry programs
  • Improving overall longevity of your facility

LCEF’s Architectural Advisory Committee and Laborers For Christ members can provide specific recommendations for implementing energy efficiency projects. These may include:

  • Replacing under-insulated windows and doors
  • Replacing caulking with backer rod and applying proper sealant on joints and around windows and doors
  • Installing programmable thermostats
  • Installing ceiling fans to boost efficiency or eliminate the need for air conditioning
  • Replacing light-fixture lamps
  • Upgrading roof and wall insulation
  • Replacing furnaces and boilers
  • Considering rainwater collection for irrigation
  • Landscaping with more drought-tolerant plants to reduce water use
  • Installing occupancy sensors for lighting systems

A well-designed and executed plan can result in a short pay-back period and grants may be available to offset the costs. With help from LCEF’s Architectural Advisors and Laborers For Christ you can relax knowing your project is being done properly with your ministry as the first priority.