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Affordable Christmas DIY!

December 11, 2015 | Posted by Eva Baker

Now that the Christmas season is officially upon us, it’s time to start thinking about gifts for friends and family. I always find gift shopping hard because there are only so many times you can give someone a shirt or a gift card before it gets old. It’s also difficult because I have a really small budget and everything is SO expensive! Most of the fun gifts I would like to buy for my friends and family are way out of my budget.

I do have some time though. DIY (do it yourself) can take a little more time than shopping, but can be a lot less expensive. Here are two DIY projects that are easy and fun to make, that also fit within a limited holiday budget.

LCEFDIYChristmasDIY Flower Sunglasses
These sunglasses are a simple and unique gift that are super easy to make!

  • Supplies needed: Sunglasses – $1 (The dollar store is my best friend.)
  • E6000 Adhesive – $4.99 (This is just what I had at my house, but I’m sure any type of crafting glue would work.)
  • Plastic Roses – $1.99 (I got these at Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores. I like the roses, but you can also find pearls and diamonds that have a flat side to them that would also be adorable.)

LCEFDIYChristmas2The process is very easy: you just glue the pieces where you want them and then you’re done! It took me about five minutes to make. Talk about saving money and time. It cost about $9 to buy everything I needed, but I have a LOT of supplies left. I can do several pairs of sunglasses with what I now have.

DIY Painted Tie

Buying for a guy is really hard! Here’s a way to turn a normal gift into something special.

LCEFDIYChristmas3Supplies needed:

  • Tie – $10 at Walmart. You could probably find one for even less somewhere like a thrift shop. In fact, I wish I had thought of that!
  • Paint – $2.39 each (I bought both a white and a sliver acrylic paint)
  • Painters tape (already had this at the house)
  • Paint brush (already had this as well)

LCEFDIYChristmas4First, place a strip of painters tape across the tie so you can have a straight line.

Next, paint on a coat of the white acrylic and let it dry. This makes sure that the color of the tie doesn’t show through when you paint it.

Then paint on the color. I probably did three coats of the silver. Let it dry and then it’s ready!

There are SO many projects you can do to save money at Christmas and still remember the people you love with something they will enjoy getting. Have fun with it!

Eva Baker
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