Unlock a powerful investment opportunity that not only secures your financial future but also supports the Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod (LCMS) mission. This limited-time offering is designed for LCMS individuals, congregations and organizations seeking a solid investment return while making a meaningful impact. Business investments are also available.

Individuals, congregations, schools, businesses and organizations can open an account online.

Seven simple reasons to invest today:

  • You have short-term financial goals. Whether you have $500 (minimum to open an account) or $50,000 to invest, this is an ideal way to preserve funds you’ve set aside for short-term goals like vacations, weddings or renovations.
  • You want your investment to do more. This truly sets apart our investments from any other opportunity. Your investment with Lutheran Church Extension Fund (LCEF) directly contributes to strengthening and sustaining LCMS churches, schools, organizations and church workers.
  • You are an LCMS member. This offer is designed exclusively for LCMS congregations, schools, organizations and individuals, whether commissioned, ordained or lay.
  • You are comfortable with the duration. Secure a steady 6.25% APR (6.40% APY) return over the next 2 ½ years. It’s a solid choice for those looking to grow their investments.
  • You have new money. The LCMS is thriving, and the demand for LCEF loans is stronger than ever—thanks be to God! Your new investment enables us to support this demand (see below).
  • You like flexible options. You can even invest in this note as an IRA, making it accessible and versatile.
  • This offer will not last forever. We are looking to raise over $100 million in new money. Once we near that threshold, we will close this opportunity.

Discover the investment that works twice as hard for you.

Investing with LCEF means you earn a competitive interest rate and make funds available for LCMS ministries and church workers.

For example:

  • Investments make a home loan to LCMS-commissioned teachers like Stephan and Rachel Gonzales possible.
  • It means a loan gives new life to a church plant like St. Matthew Lutheran Church in Rocklin, Calif.
  • Or gives a school like Sioux Falls Lutheran School in Sioux Falls, S.D., the opportunity to expand as its enrollment grows.

We’re excited about this opportunity and hope you are, too. Apply online here to invest today. For questions, please call 800-843-5233.

Why new money only?

Current investors sometimes ask why they can’t transfer funds from one LCEF investment into a new one, especially one paying a higher rate. The reason is simple. Our business model demands new money to support new lending.

When demand for LCEF loans is strong, like it is right now, we must take in new investments to accommodate those new loans while current investments support the existing loans already in our portfolio.

Ready to invest?

Individual Investments

2½ Year Term Note (PDF)

Ministry Investments

2½ Year Term Note (PDF)

Business Investments

2½ Year Term Note (PDF)

Help us keep this momentum up

This appetite for loans is a good sign.

It means ministry is happening across the Synod. Schools are being strengthened. Churches are being sustained. More people are being reached with the love of Christ.

We want to meet that demand to maintain the momentum. Maintaining momentum is critical. Will you help us meet that demand by investing with us?

Invest in the 6.25% term note before it closes.

Trey DilleInvestor

“They are people who truly care about individuals and the church and the mission Christ sets forth for us,” Dille said. “They use your investments to support the church—enabling the church to help others while they also help you. During my vicarage at Christ the King Lutheran in Lake Ozark, Mo., the church was in the process of doing mission and vision planning with LCEF. I could foresee myself using those programs as a pastor, and I also plan to set up an emergency fund savings account and home loan when I’m a called worker.”

Brad CussonSenior Pastor

“It was really cool to be a part of the bigger process because now we’re in a sense joining the ministry not only where we are at—but everywhere LCEF is at too.”

FAQs About Lutheran Church Extension Fund’s 2 ½ Year Term Note

LCMS individuals, congregations, schools, businesses or organizations.

There is no maximum limit to investing in the 2 ½ year term note.

Yes, it takes $500 to open an account.

Lutheran Church Extension Fund.

Yes, the limit is $500,000 on ACH transfers.

We aim to raise money to support our strong loan pipeline, which are loans that have been initiated but not completed. When we near that threshold, we will close the 2 ½ year term note at 6.25% to investors.

The current rate at the time the note matures.

New money is money that is not already in an LCEF investment.

Our business model demands new money to support new lending. When demand for LCEF loans is strong, like it is right now, we must take in new investments to accommodate those new loans. In contrast, current investments support the existing loans already in our portfolio.

We are unable to open an account over the phone but you can open an account online or by downloading the application from our website and mailing it in with a check.